Saturday, September 18, 2010

Opening the K10D Body

I'm not sure if anyone is quite ready to do this just yet, I'm not, but just in case here are the instructions to remove the body covers on the Pentax K10D.

1. Caution


(1)Be sure to use the anti-static mat and wrist strap to prevent static failure of circuits.

(2) This product is used lead free solder. Surface of solder will be white-tinged color. Solder quickly, because melting temperature is high and so if heat to much, it is possible to damage to PC board. Soldering iron requirement: The temperature can be adjusted up to 400º and exclusive use for lead free solder. Also it is desirable to use antistatic soldering iron. The temperature for tip of soldering iron must set between 340º ~ 360º for lead free solder.

(3) Do not stress to the connector terminals and flexible boards because they are very delicate parts. Pay careful attention to the connector terminals and flexible boards and, we recommend marking to the flexible board before disconnecting them. This will be helpful to reconnect the flexible board to the connector terminal properly.

(4) Do not forget to discharge the capacitor or severe shock and possible damage to camera may result.

(pages 9-11 from service manual)


Derek said...

Where can I download the service manual? Thanks.

Photography Rulez said...


I emailed you.

Co said...

May i have it as well :)



Photography Rulez said...

Co, I emailed you as well.

To anyone else: Just Google K10D Service Manual and it's the first or second result that has the manual.