Sunday, November 11, 2007

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Understanding the Pentax K10D

When I got into digital photography I opted to invest in Pentax because of the quality/price performance of their lenses. That and the fact you could use any K-mount or screw mount (with adapter) lens ever made. To me it was a no-brainer. So I started with a Pentax *ist DL and have loved the camera from day one.

I recently upgraded to the K10D for the larger sensor size, image stabilization, and the PRIME graphics engine that provides the ability to shoot continuously in jpg mode.

In this past year my only gripe with either DL or K10D (and the AF540GZ flash) is with the user manuals. They are not written very well nor in enough detail. The flash manuals are outdated since they don’t include any information on the K10D and there are several errors I have encountered in the manuals. As a result I see many Pentax owners online asking the same questions and complaining that the manuals are confusing.

I searched online for any help I could find and what help I found was scattered in forums and not logically ordered. I ended up with only a few book marks scattered all over the internet.

Another of my hobbies is Unix/Linux and my operating system of choice is FreeBSD. One thing I like about searching for FreeBSD help online is I found the majority of the information I was looking for at one or two websites.

I decided since I have pillaged many a website for information over my lifetime that is was time I gave a little something back. So here it is, a single website repository full of information about the Pentax K10D.

Please leave comments on how I can make the blog better. If you have any questions just ask and I will try to answer, or some other kind reader may answer.

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Oktyabr said...

Another relatively new K10D user here who's also a unix/linux guy (thinking about getting a red swirl tatoo if that tells you anything).

I've enjoyed your blog so far and found much of your information clear and concise, especially since I bought my K10D "lightly used" and did not get the original owner's manual with it!

I have since purchased the Magic Lantern Guide to the K10D and found it invaluable in my understanding of the camera! Others have said that it is far superior to the owner's manual as well. I can personally recommend it.

Photography Rulez said...

You can get the manual here.

Pentax K10D

Scroll down and all the manuals to include software are in the middle section at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

I know very little about how to use my K10D. The information contained in your blogs are very helpful to me. Thank you so much.
from 5Chen

DJ said...

Thank you very much on explaining in explicit detail the way to fine tune a Pentax k10D when it comes on jpeg