Sunday, November 11, 2007

Site Sponsors

Are you interested in sponsoring this site?

At the moment all spots are available.

Slots rates:
- Leader board $3.00(make me an offer)/1000 (Graphic)
- Post content $3.00(make me an offer)/1000 (Graphic or text)
- Top right sidebar $2.50(make me an offer)/1000 (Graphic or Text)
- Sidebar $1.50(make me an offer)/1000 (Text)

All prices are in US Dollars per 1000 content page impressions (not visits) as counted by Google Analytics. As an example if the site gets 10, 000 impressions during a month period then the leader board or post/article content slot would run you ( $3 / 1000 * 10,000) $30, the top sidebar slot would run $25 and the sidebar slots would run $15.

If you are interested, send an email to my gmail account cyberlord8 and we can work out the details.



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