Thursday, September 30, 2010

Digital Photography Bootcamp

"Big Bucks Selling Your Photography" was not at all what I expected from the title. However don't get hung up on that! The subtitle on this fourth edition nails the book contents. "A Complete Photo Business Package for all Photographers" is a more apt title and this book does deliver that.

This book is geared towards anyone who is thinking of getting into photography as a full-time business but knows nothing about this business. If you have been researching photography as a business for some time a lot of this material will be familiar. If you are successful in the photography business you are already applying the contents of this book. For the rest of you contemplating photography as a business this book may change your mind. However, if you seriously want to consider this field of business then read the book.

If you want to go to the meat of "Big Bucks", marketing and selling your photos, start at chapter 9 and finish the book out. More importantly though not as exciting to read (Lawyers, IRS and CPAs! Oh my!), the first part of the book covers the back-end of the business. Cliff Hollenbeck, like most photographers, is not a CPA nor a Lawyer. He's not a Marketing Agent nor a Stock Agent. He's a successful photographer! Therefore you're not going to find much depth on these subjects, but the subjects are covered and Cliff tells you where to find the expertise.

If I were to summarize "Big Bucks" in one line it would be - Familiarize yourself with the whole business, concentrate on producing images and your creativity, and leave the business side to the experts.


Jerry Salim said...
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