Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pentax Wireless P-TTL Flash System (Preparation)

It's been a while, but life's been in the way.

In theses next few sessions we're going to learn how to use the K10D's built-in flash to control 1 or more external flashes.

I recommend you have the following to make life easier:

- K10D
- Tripod
- Remote shutter release – wire or wireless (camera shutter timer will work too but slower)
- External Flash (Either 1, 2 or more of one type or 1 or more of each AF360FGZ AF540FGZ)
- Light stand(s) (one for each flash)
- Light modifiers (umbrella/softbox etc)
- Flash/Modifier/Stand clamp used to mount the flash and umbrellas/softbox to the top of the light stand
- Background setting (backdrop canvas/blank neutral color wall/outdoor scene etc)
- Subject to shoot (self portraits are OK but slower)

OK, a caveat on the above list. You'll really only need the camera and 1 flash to experiment with the wireless system. You'll need some way to hold the flash while shooting your subjects. I have held the camera in one hand and the flash in the other hand. I've shot macro, portrait and events using this method. It gets very tiring after a while, but it can be done. That being said you will be limited with what you can follow along with in the next few sessions. However, I will cover 1 flash setup so you can get started on wireless and learn how to use it properly.

If you are in the market for a light stand kits take a look at the kits available from Midwest Photo Exchange. I am not an affiliate nor can I recommend their products as I have never used any of them.

The light stand, umbrella and the adapter are all you will need to mount your flash(s) and they can be ordered separately from the kits. Be careful ordering the kits as some come with flashes/radio triggers and some don't. If you have Pentax P-TTL flashes then you won't need these.

Don't forget to order a set for each flash.

I will have 1 each AF540FGZ and AF360FGZ flash and 2 light stands with shoot through umbrellas to go along with my K10D, tripod and remote shutter release.

Next session, Pentax Wireless P-TTL Flash (Part 1).

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