Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Squirrels

K10D w/ Tamron 75-300LD macro in TAv mode 125f8 (ISO Varied)

I used the TAv mode as 1/125 was as slow as I could go on the 300mm (hand held w/ Shake Reduction turned on) and f8 allowed a decent depth of field while not increasing the ISO too high. ISO ranged from 100 for the sunlit shots to 800 in the deep shade.

Winter is still here in Northern Florida and though we have no where near the cold temperatures of more northern areas, it has been a very cold winter.

But yesterday the sun was out and there was a hint of spring in the air as the few wintering animals were out foraging for food. I grabbed my K10D with the Tamron 75-300LD macro and sat under the carport and waited for the animals to return.

It didn't take long as hunger drove them out of the trees back down to the ground and the source of food we had placed there. I fired off 40 frames over the course of a half an hour and ended up with 12 frames that had the eyes in focus and enough animal character and appeal to make it to my Flickr account.

I hope you enjoy then as much as I did capturing them. I look forward to further warmer weather and the spring migration (just a week or two away) followed closely by the nesting season. I invite you back in the near future for more photos to enjoy.


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