Saturday, December 1, 2007

Comet Holmes

30" exposure at f2.4 w/ 70mm lens.
Color overlay on high contrast black and white layer.

More photos in the full article.

Comet Holmes in Perseus

Taken on a very cheap tripod from my local "mart" store.

Comet Holmes in Perseus

I think it's time to make a scotch/haig/barn-door mount if I want to produce better quality images.


jer. said...

thanks for sharing~ not enough atronomy-interest blogs!!! :(

Photography Rulez said...


It's not an incredibly good photo, but I was just experimenting with my different lenses. I could not get the 300mm f5.6 to register the comet in 30 seconds. I think it was moving to fast across the FoV at 300mm. I also think the focus slipped on me while I was fooling around with it. :(

I'm thinking of making a scotch/haig mount and trying again.