Thursday, November 15, 2007

Site Update

Just a quick update to say I won't be posting anything until this weekend or after. I have a herniated disk (on going problem) and it's acting up so I can't sit for long periods of time. I've seen a surgeon and I'm a candidate for surgery, now it's just a matter of scheduling (before or after the holidays).

If all goes well, next week should be a good blog week and I'll dive deeper into the mode dial.

Until then, where's the Motrin?


Bujang said...

I wish you well mate. you have done a good job here. I learned a few tips already. Please discover more pontential from our trusted k10d.. keep it up. Thank you.

Chickentender said...

Hey there.... just linked to you from the Pentax group (old owner looking to buy a dslr but that's not why i'm posting). Don't know anything about your situation but whenever i hear someone talk about ongoing back pain it raises my sympathy - Been fighting it of and on for years. Just thought I'd pass this info on and it is certainly not replacement for medical advice but for me, oddly enough of all people, it has done the trick. This website is kinda cheesey looking but Dr. Sarno's research and the meat of his literature on back pain is anything but. Just thought you should read (Healing Back Pain is hte one I read) before you dove into surgeory. In any case - all the best regards from a complete stranger. :)
Kevin in Seattle
Dr. John Sarno's website. Looks for his books on amazon or in book stores, etc.

Photography Rulez said...

Thanks guys.

It's a lot of work, but like I said I'm learning it anyway might as well document the process.